This is the place for us to add your brags and awards.  If you are coming to any of the
Paws For Fun Classes and get legs, titles or other accomplishments, please send them
to us with the date and all the other good informaiton and we will post to this page for
all to read.
Bailey got her first leg in Rally Novice B with a score of 89 at the Indy Winter Classic. Yay!
Pete received his Novice Fast title at the ACI Agility trial on Feb. 17, 2008.  Karen
Kira got her fiirst two legs towards her CD, (companion dog) obedience title in Terre Haute in April
May 2008, at Boxer Nationals, Brenda got 3 new Rally titles, Rally Excellent for Sadie, Rally
Advanced for Rory and Rally Advanced for Grover.  Jake also got a double Q in excellent
May, 2009, Boxer Nationals, Boz and Butch, got their first two legs in rally novice with
placements no less.  Sadie finished her Novice Preferred jumpers and standard agility titles
and Jake finished his Novice Preferred Jumpers title.  Not bad for 11 and 9 year olds.
August 6,7 2011  Staley's Brian Bozworth, AKA BOZ, and Butch finished thier RALLY
ADVANCED Title, and got the second leg toward their CD, and two legs toward Beginner
Novice.  THey were kicking butt and even beat Neva and I by 1/2 a point in beginner novice.  
This was at the Midwest and Treetown Boxer Specialty up by New York.  Lori, Todd and
Casper also accompanied us and they did a wonderful job and came home with lots of ribbons
and prizes.  Was a great weekend.
In February at the Hoosier Classic, Neva finished her Rally Advanced title.  Barney was in
his first Rally trial and on the second day he got his first qualifying score.
Barney FINALLY has his first leg in Agility one in Jumpers and one in Standard.  Yipppeee
for my little rugrat.
2013 Boxer Nationals,  Butch and Boz finished their Rally Excellent title and their CD obedience title.
 Neva, finished her rally Excellent title.
Then the weekend following that Barney completed his first agility title at the Collie Club Agility show
and now has his Novice Jumpers with weaves title;