My name is Brenda Staley, I currently own 4 boxers, a terrier mix and a rat terrier that compete and/or
train in a variety of agility, obedience, rally, lure coursing and tracking.  I have been doing agility and
obedience with my boxers for over 13 years.  Previously I had an obedience poodle and have grown up
with German shepherds and have had several other pure breeds and mixes along the way. I am a certified
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and an approved 4H agility and rally judge. I started Paws for Fun
about 5 years ago, it started as just a place for me to train and in talking with other competitors and friend
found there was a real need for somewhere in our area. Then one thing led to another and I now have the
50x90 pole barn that houses Paws for Fun Training Center.

I have attended several seminars, including Dana Pikes 3 day camp, a weekend with Bud Houston, In
Focus Seminar, Suzanne Clothier, Susan Garrett, Tracking seminars and other one and two day seminars
with a variety of instructors. I feel I have a variety of techniques to help you work with your dog and get
the results you need to get started in any of the above competition areas, or to just have fun and become a
better companion for your dog.  I try to help a variety of rescue groups in fund raising demo and
community awareness.   I encourage students to get out with their dogs and do things, to show people
how much fun they are and that the 4 legged creatures can be great neighbors and members of our

Sadie left me at 13 1/2 years old, she taught me so many things along the way and was a wonderful
companion. Sadie was a registered Therapy dog, had her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award, the
American Kennel Club (AKC) Companion Dog Title (CD) in Obedience and had earned numerous titles
in AKC Agility and retired from the Excellent B class.  She had also earned the United Kennel Club
(UKC) titles of Agility all the way up to a U-ACHX.  She had also competed and had several titles in
United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) and North American Dog Agility Club (NADAC) Sadie
also had her Novice, Advanced, and Excellent Rally Title (RE) Sadie also enjoyed herding.

Jake who left us the night before his 10th birthday had completed his Canine Good Citizen test, and the
Companion Dog Title (CD) and had several Agility titles in AKC, and was working in Excellent Level in
AKC and had several titles in UKC. CPE, NADAC  and USDAA.  Jake also enjoyed Rally Obedience
and had completed his  Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title, having already completed his RN, RA, and
RE.  Jake was the first male boxer to make it to the RAE and the 3rd boxer to do it!  We lost Jake on July
8, 2010.

Then we have Meggie, who is from Central Indiana Boxer Rescue and is 9.  She has decided she prefers
to sit on the couch and watch the others work.  She has completed her CGC and has her RN title as well.

Meggie has also went to the rainbow bridge to play and wait on us.

Now we come to Grover.  Grover is a very special boy and turned
9 in May.  He has his CGC and has  
his CD, and has is currently competing in Excellent A agility and has his RE in Rally,
and his CA which is
the first level of Lure Coursing. I
think it is a toss up between lure coursing and herding as to which he
thinks is the most fun.

Next we have Boz, another rescued fawn, who adores Butch.  Butch and Boz got their first title for both
of them in Rally Novice, then went on to get their Rally E
xcellent title and have the the Beginner Novice
title in obedience. T
hey also have their CD,  Boz is almost 6, and all has his CA first level in lure coursing.

Then comes Neva or NeNe, she is 5 and she has her Rally E
xcellent title and has her Beginner Novice
title in obedience
, has her CD for Obedience and her CA in lure coursing.. We are working on agility.

Our first
"non" Boxer dog, is Barney, seems to be a cross between a Boston Terrier and a Jack Russell,
he has hair and a tail!!! What were we thinking. Barney has just recently started competing in agility a
has his NA, NAJ and NF, also has his RN in Rally, and his CA in lure coursing.

Last but not least is Logan, who just turned
2 and was out on the road for conformation for awhile, and
has one point thanks to John Nealson, but that just doesn't seem to be his thing. He is training for
Obedience and Rally and has his first CA in Lure coursing.

We now also have Holly, a rat terrier from Rattitatt, she is almost 6 months and has been a joy so far.

Check the rainbow bridge page for information on Oskar, Rory, Jake and Sadie.
Brenda Staley
Paws for Fun
Butch, Brenda, and six "kids"