Please wear tennis shoes or shoes that tie, no slip-ons or sandals .

Make sure and
potty your dog before coming to class (if necessary to potty while at class you
MUST clean up after your dog, bags will be provided).

Children 6 and under must have an adult (besides the one training) to sit with them during class .

Children under 16, may be able to train the dog but must be briefed and oriented before classes

One person works dog each class, can change from week to week but not on the same evening.
8 Week Basic Pet Obedience & Socialization

We accept puppies and dogs at most any age must be current on all
vaccines, and not be overly aggressive.

On the first night of class you will need to sign a responsibility form.

Must have 6 foot leash (preferably leather).
*Leash and collar may be purchased at the training center the first
night of class*

Classes are one hour long, once a week.  Practice on your own is

We cover the following, but depending upon the class, topics aren't
always covered in the following order:

General care
house breaking
crate training
collars leads etc
heeling, not pulling
s, sit stay
down, down stay
turns or figure 8
pet health
taking treats nicely
jumping up

For House Manners Class the last week is a CGC Canine Good
Citizens test. Then we will talk ab
out other activities you can do with
your dog.  Depending upon the class, lots of other issues and questions
always lead to a discussion of other topics of interest.
"I learned to sit and
Paws for Fun; my
graduation present is
balanced on my nose;
do I get extra credit?"
Perfect heel position; lead
is loose; what a team!  
Thank you
Paws for Fun!