"I learned how to
self-stack at
Paws for
Fun; I think the
instructor liked me
(just a guess); the
treats didn't hurt
Handling the Conformation Dog

"What is good handling? When one watches a dog and handler working
together as if they were in a "dance," it is truly a wonderful sight. The dog is
not overshadowed by the handler, but rather acts as if it is alone, center stage,
in the spotlight. To achieve this is the ultimate for dog and handler." (1)

"How to reach that point is not that simple. There are many ways to approach
the "how to," but it's best to keep it basic, especially for the novice handler."(2)

In our
Paws for Fun Conformation Handling classes, this is just what we will
do; keep it simple, keep it basic, and keep it focused -- directly on your show

We provide expert instruction with constant and constructive feedback, so that
you and your dog will be the best that you can be in the show ring.

Welcome to
Paws for Fun!  We look forward to meeting you and your dog
very soon!

To sign-up for the next
Conformation Handling class please contact Brenda
Staley.  Brenda's contact information along with driving directions to the
for Fun Training Center
are found HERE.

(1) This paragraph is a direct quote from an article about conformation
handling on the following website:

(2) Same source as footnote #1.