"Rally is so much fun!"
Paws for Fun Beginning Rally class:

For rally you will need to have basic obedience and keep up on practicing with
your dog.

You will learn all the current rally signs and how to perform them and practice
them in class so that you will do them correctly.

We don't really have a start or end date, just join when you like.

The first class is $65.00 and it includes copies of the signs and other materials.

After the first 6 classes you will pay $5 per class from that point on.

We have already had several students go on to compete and receive titles in Rally.

I try to set it up so that there is no "lag time" between novice and advanced, or
advanced and excellent.  You learn all the signs and progress at your own rate.
"Rally Obedience" (basic information)

Rally obedience, or just "Rally" as it is termed by enthusiasts, is the
latest American Kennel Club event to hit the show circuit. Rally has
some characteristics of rally sports car racing, dog agility, and
traditional obedience combined into a fun new sport.  Much to the
delight of exhibitors, rally is
a class that is usually offered in
conjunction with
obedience trials.  As with other regular classes,
dog and handler teams can earn titles beginning with RN for novice
level, RA for advanced, RX for excellent level
and if you really like
it you can go for the RAE!
.  For more information about Rally,
please visit the following AKC website: