Paws for Fun
Class Schedules
Handling Practice, 8:00-9:00pm  (ONGOING) No class On Holidays -- CALL if weather is
$5.00 per dog

Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday  - deciding on dates as people start signing up.
Tricks Class   Tuesday 6:30 pm starting Sept 3
6 Weeks 100.00

Nose Play Class
 Tuesday 7:30 pm starting Sept 3
6 Weeks 100.00

Focus I Class
  Wednesday 6:30 pm starting Sept 4
6 Weeks 1

Focus II Class
6 weeks 100.00

House Manners
     Wednesday 7:30 pm starting Sept 4
6 week Class with a CGC test on week 7

Rally - New and ongoing Practice , 8:30 Currently on hold,
(can join anytime) 75.00 for 6 weeks
*after the first 6 weeks it is $5.00 for each practice session you attend

Friday  (Temporarily on hold, call if you are interested)
Agility Practice, a possibility
$10.00 for one dog, $15.00 for two (drop in)

Watch for some weekend seminars hoping to come this year

Brenda and Cheryl are available for private lessons on a limited basis. ,

Also, the Training Center building can be rented by individuals or small groups for practice in rally,
obedience or agility.

Please contact Brenda for more information
Brenda Staley, Instructor
355 N. Chestnut St.
Monrovia, IN 46157
317-996-2215 or
Dear Visitors,
-Classes are now forming.
-If you are interested in signing up for one or more of our training
classes, please contact me.
-After 5 or 6 people sign up we will set a date for that particular class.
-One exception is the Tuesday
Rally Practice classes and the  
conformation practice on Mondays
-Again, please call or e-mail me to be added to the list for the next set of
classes. Thanks!
Brenda Staley
ALERT:   See below as I am
making changes to classes and days.
 NOTE currently no open agility
practice, call if you are interested.